OPTIONS TRADING: A crash course to start options trading for income. Make cash and understanding the best strategies for beginners with a quick and advanced start guide.


If you want to make some income trading and are unable to or afraid of starting, then this book offers you the ultimate guide to understanding the best strategies in starting trading and exploring your options in making an income from trading.

Even if you have little or no experience in options trading, this book offers you a thorough and easy-to-apply guide to the most important aspects of this trading approach. In the process, the book offers you an informational and experiential platform upon which you can build your trading portfolio and be on your way to making an income. 

The driving force behind succeeding in options trading is mental preparation, understanding all the options trading available, adopting the right strategy informed by fundamental analysis, and optimizing profit avenues in trading. Additionally, the right application of hedging is crucial to maximizing returns. 

At the same time, establishing the right and most efficient exit strategy while avoiding some of the common mistakes and risks will serve you well in optimizing success. The question is – how do you weave all these aspects into one coherent option trading approach? This book provides a structural, easy-to-understand, and practical-based synthesis of these aspects for your benefit. 

Ultimately, options trading require the right information as well as a knack for making the right call and sniffing opportunities in the market. This book gives you the background options available to help you not only make the right call but sustainably succeed at options trading. 

This book’s guide will focus on the following:

  • Preparing yourself mentally
  • Options contracts: the basics
  • Binary options trading
  • Stock options trading
  • Forex options trading
  • All about buying covered calls
  • Starter strategies to try
  • Fundamental analysis
  • How to maximize profits with options
  • Hedging and speculation
  • How to develop an options trading exit strategy
  • Common mistakes option traders make
  • Risks that you need to avoid
  • Tips for success… AND MORE!!!

With this book, you join the path to options, opportunities, and success. Order Now.