How to day trade using price action: Day trading for beginners Ep. 9: Day trading strategy 1
Day trading for beginners: How to day trade using price action: Day trading strategy 1

Introduction to day trading with only price action. Price action is sometimes also known as Volume Spread Analysis. Great traders like Richard D. Wyckoff, J.P. Morgan, Jesse Livermore used to trade using principles of price action.

Here’s the ninth price action trading video in the series. In the series we will go through everything from the introduction to price action, day trading and advanced technical analysis using price, volume and spread analysis. Learn how to day trade the right way.

In this video I will present a very simple day trading strategy based on price action that you can use to trade stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, futures or currencies. This strategy is based on volume and price spread. Volume analysis is a vital part of day trading using price action and day trading for beginners. The price spread gives hints about he supply and demand that is currently present in the market.

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