Greg Vogel – Crypto Currency Trading For Beginners – Understanding Support and Resistance

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In this video series veteran trader and crypto enthusiast Greg Vogel will show you the exact steps you need to take to be successful at trading crypto currencies. There is a 9-step process to learning how to trade crypto currencies.

Crypto currency trading for beginners video series includes:

1. Develop a strong traders mindset
2. Managing your money, managing the trades, equity management and risk management when trading crypto currencies
3. Understanding support and resistance and key levels when trading crypto currencies
4. Know the trend – The trend is your friend
5. Trading with the trade VS. trading against the trend, or what is called Counter Trend Trading
6. Finding the perfect trade setup
7. Using a stop loss (protect your capital)
8. Cut your losers early and let your winners run – how to manage a trade once you are in it for maximum gains
9. Automation – How software technology and explode your trading

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