FOREX TRADING: DEFINITIVE GUIDE: Financial Analysis – Candlestick – Price Action – Patterns – Indicators – Money Management – Strategies and much more to become a Trader (TRADING TEAM)

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This book is the most complete guide dedicated to the world of online Forex Trading. It is a book dedicated to those who approach for the first time the fascinating world of financial markets and wish to learn how to trade online.
Here are covered all the topics that form the basics of Forex with a simple but completelanguage, perfect for beginners.

Over 200 pages with lots of graphic examples that will lead you through a learning process
starting with basics to more advanced and technical topics.

-Theory and Basics of Trading;
-Technical Analysis Basics;
-Candlestick Analysis;
– Money Management;
-Trading Strategies;

By the end of this manual you will be able to analyze and operate successfully on Forex market and you will also have the skills to best manage the money destined to trading.

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