FOREX TRADING: A simple guide for beginners to show how to do make money online. The bigger secrets, the basic techniques, best strategy for profits, tips and trick to start investing.


Do you want to make money through forex trading? If yes, then continue reading this book. This book offers a targeted guide to making money online using forex trading opportunities. It delves deeper into the insights of forex trading so you do not have to get lost in the rabbit hole of constantly shifting strategic and underlying dynamics of this trading. The book presents an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow guide to starting forex trading or improving your competitive position in the market for more income. 

Even if you have little or no experience in forex trading, this book gives you the ultimate guide to not only learning the theoretical concepts but also the practical applications of the underlying dynamics to set you on your way to success. 

The driving force behind succeeding in forex trading includes identifying trade opportunities, mastering the practical aspects of making trades, money management, and technical or fundamental analysis. This book offers an apt and relevant guide to identifying the right opportunities and applying crucial practical aspects of trading and fundamental analysis to succeed. 

Ultimately, making that first step into forex trading can be difficult given the mystery and uncertainty surrounding the process. It is also challenging even for seasoned pros to keep up with the dynamism of the market. This book offers you a platform upon which you can build your forex trading options. It will guide you through the uncertainty, risk, change, and volatility of the forex market and help put you in a position where you can optimize your returns. 

With that said, this guide will focus on the following:

  • What is forex trading?
  • Benefits of forex trading
  • Identifying trade opportunities
  • Practical aspects of trading
  • Online forex trading
  • Money management
  • Technical analysis vs fundamental analysis
  • Support and resistance
  • Market makers
  • Opening range breakout
  • Bladerunner reversal strategy
  • Fibonacci trading strategy
  • Risk management
  • Tips for success… AND MORE!!!

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