Forex Game App explainer video – Step by step trading for beginners

đź’¸ Are you a beginner in Forex Trading and Stocks?
đź’Ž Do you want to learn how to trade on the Forex and Bitcoin market?
🚀 Want to feel the heat of Bitcoin and stocks?

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Forex Game is an online trading simulator ideally designed for those who want to make the first steps in the Forex and cryptocurrency trading.
Becoming a trader may seem a tough and long path. It is too difficult to choose from where to start – from reading trading books, watching others on tradingview or looking for help in Youtube? Well, you don’t need to do any of these as we have collected everything you need to start your trading career with our app.

What are the advantages of our trading app?

It’s totally free to download and use
It requires no registration or verification
It allows you to trade most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic
Trading on our game is ABSOLUTELY risk free. You don’t trade with real currency, so you don’t have any real losses.
App has a super friendly interface.
Trading is as simple as it can be – just 2 buttons Up and Down
It offers the most popular time frames – from 5 second to 1 minute
All charts on the app are real and updated every 5 seconds, which means you are trading like in a real market.

How can you learn trading?
Our app not only provides you the real Forex market environment where you can buy and sell currencies and crypto, but can also learn from the educational stuff and tips we share with you.

When starting a game you get $1000 in virtual currency which you can use to start trading. For example, you can buy Bitcoin with it, it seems like getting free Bitcoin and trying to sell it to make a profit.

The main purpose of our app is to help beginners to gain relevant experience , but we also help users to start trading real Forex in the right way by suggesting trustworthy brokers, which you can also find on our app.

Our app has already been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times!
Don’t hesitate to join our community and start your journey to becoming a successful Forex trader!

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