Aeternity Co-Founder Launches A €100 Million VC Fund To Invest In Blockchain Projects

€100 million Venture Capital fund focused on blockchain investments called Meta Change Capital (MCC) was launched today. The London-based V.C. fund will focus on investing in the blockchain sector, primarily in underdeveloped markets.

€100M V.C. Fund To Invest In Blockchain

The people behind the V.C. fund are Nikola Stojanow and Luka Sucic. Stojanow is an industry veteran as the co-founder of Lichtenstein-based æternity blockchain and creator of A.E. Ventures. Sucic used to serve as the head of investments and acceleration at A.E. Ventures.

In the announcement from earlier today, Sucic explained that the fund will be regulated in the United Kingdom. Although possible investments in the U.S. are “not off the table,” its prime focus will be in underdeveloped regions in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

“The U.S. is functioning very nicely, has a good infrastructure, but in other places, that infrastructure is nonexistent, very bad or absolutely needed. We are going to focus on the places where we build that vast network.”

Stojanow provided more details on what exactly the fund will look for before deciding to invest in a particular project. He specified that the MCC will focus on the “emerging talent coming from those areas” and invest in people “trying to innovate, solver problems, and monetize their ideas.”

Neither Stojanow nor Sucic disclosed the capital raised for the Meta Change Capital fund. However, the duo explained that they have already performed diligence on about 30 startups. Their diverse portfolio mix of blockchain companies include crowdsourcing power plant investments and gaming where reward tokens can be transferred between different games.

Meta Change Capital Logo. Source: Meta Change Capital
Meta Change Capital Logo. Source: Meta Change Capital

Blockchain Democratizes Finances

Sucic also spoke regarding one of the most popular utilization of the distributed ledger technology (DLT) – serving as the underlying technology of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He explained that, in a way, this function of transferring funds via a digital currency allows the implementation of more “democratized” transactions.

“Blockchain is so complex. The United States has one unifying currency, but there is no such thing in the rest of the world. There is not freedom of transaction, but blockchain technology democratizes finance.”- he outlined.

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